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Venue Specs & Booking

 We book 2-4 band bills Thursday, Friday and Saturday

Any Genre from Opera to Hip Hop, Punk Rock to Jazz we love LIVE MUSIC!!!

We have a fully outfitted sound system capable of 10+ piece bands,

full digital recording and streaming, 

kind and professional sound techs, security and our awesome bartenders.

 Come see a show for yourself!

Our Regulars:

Sundays: Art Night  Mondays: Andy Coe Band

Wednesday: Open Mic Night: We welcome all acts including musicians, poets,

comedians, magicians, rappers, spoken word etc. 

All performers on open mic must be 21 yrs or older.

 (No instruments provided except a drum kit)

Every third Thursday is Marmalade @ 9pm!


Please include:

1. The name of your band and the band's contact name
2. The date or date range you'd like to play
3. Link to your music
4. Link to your social media
5. How many people you think may attend the show

6. All performers must be at least 18yrs of age, and we need to be informed prior to

booking if any member(s) are under 21yrs old.

Our Stage is 14ft x 15ft and our capacity is 99.
view from stage.jpg

Our gear includes: Vocal Mics Shure 2xBeta58A, 2x SM58, 2x Sennheiser XSW 1 e856 
Instrument mics: Shure 2x Beta 57A, 3x Sm57, 1 Beta 52A
Drum Mics: 1x sE V Kick, 1x sE V7 X Snare, 3x sE v Beat Tom, 2x sE8 Overhead
Main Speakers 2x EAW RSX 129      Subwoofer EAW RS 118
Monitors 3x Yamaha 12" wedges and 2x Mackie SRM 212
Console: Midas M32R, 30 Channels available on stage

 3 Radial Dual Channel Passive DI's, Mic stands, XLR and 1/4" Cables
We have 4 GoPros on stage and we livestream all shows on Facebook and YouTube.

We have a 5pc Mapex Saturn series house drum kit with High Hat and 3 Cymbal stands must bring breakables.

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