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We have a 5pc Mapex Saturn series house drum kit with High Hat and 3 Cymbal stands (bring breakables) and a 2x12 EBS Evolution Pro Line 2000 Bass Cab but currently no Head (Amp)

Vocal Mics Shure 2xBeta58A, 2x SM58, 2x Sennheiser XSW 1 e856 
Instrument mics: Shure 2x Beta 57A, 3x Sm57, 1 Beta 52A
Drum Mics: 1x sE V Kick, 1x sE V7 X Snare, 3x sE v Beat Tom, 2x sE8 Overhead
Main Speakers 2x EAW RSX 129      Subwoofer EAW RS 118
Monitors 4x Yamaha 12" wedges and 2x Mackie SRM 212
Console: Midas M32R, 30 Channels available on stage

 3 Radial Dual Channel Passive DI's, Mic stands, XLR and 1/4" Cables
We have 4 GoPros on stage and we livestream all shows on Facebook and YouTube.

bass cab.jpg
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