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Established 1934

Check out the history on the walls, watch a band or just relax with a cold local beer or cocktail and sketch in one of our art books. There is one T.V. and we play Sports, Puppies and Bob Ross. We have no kitchen but welcome outside food and there are Food Trucks most weekends.
Pet's are encouraged. (you know your animal best, are they ok with loud music and crowds?)

          Come on down to Seattle's most infamous Dive Bar!

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& Cans

Hazy IPA ABV 6.9% IBU 40
​American IPA ABV 6% IBU 60
Hard Seltzer ABV 4.2%
Blackberry Hard Cider ABV 5.2
Southern German Style ABV 5.3%
Pale Ale ABV 5.4% IBU 38
German Style Pilsner ABV 5.4% IBU 26
American IPA ABV 6.8% IBU 53
Mexican Lager ABV 4.8% IBU 14
Red/Amber ABV 6% BTU 31
Tall Boys: Rainer, PBR, Old German,
Tieton North Ranch Cider, Guinness
Juneshine Mango Daydream Kombucha
12oz Cans: Bud, Bud Lt, Red Hook E.S.B., 
Bodhizafa IPA, Space Dust IPA, Low Glow I.P.A., 
Sour Suzie, Kilt Lifter, Darkstar Stout,
White Claw (Mango or Black Cherry 
Bottles: Coors Light, Modelo, Pacifico
Heineken, Sierra Nevada Pale Ale
Daura Gluten Free Lager

N/A Options

Heinekin 0.0, Excelsior Cherry Cider
Run Wild IPA, Bedford's Ginger Beer, 
Aslan Hop Water, Yerba Mate Bluephoria 


Red Bull, Coffee, Tea, Root Beer, Coke/Diet
Sprite, O.J., Cranberry, Pineapple, Grapefruit
Chips Tim's/Lay's/Pringles, Popcorn, Nut's
Trail Mix, Chomp's Beef Stick's

We are 5 blocks from the Light Rail, 1/2 block off I5 and just 
a few blocks from the 20, 31, 32, 44, 43, 65, 67, 70 and more, Metro Bus routes. Street parking is limited but you can pay to park at the lot across the street or 1/2 block away.

Check out our
calendar Click here for Booking
most shows are Live Streamed on Facebook & YouTube


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